Andy O'Brien standing with his arms crossed overlooking athletes training at Junxion Performance

Andy O'Brien

About Andy

Meet the pro

Andy serves as Director of Player Health and Performance for Quartexx. Through his role, he oversees the resources and infrastructure provided in areas such as Player Development, Strength & Conditioning, Sports Nutrition, Rehabilitation, Injury Management, and Sports Psychology.

Andy O'Brien demonstrating an exercise to a group of athletes at Quartexx Camp

Andy’s Expertise

Recognized as a leading expert in Sports Science and Human Performance, Andy brings to Quartexx a wealth of experience and expertise. For more than 25 years, he has guided some of the world’s top athletes through countless competitive situations, across a number of professional and Olympic sports. He has also held a variety of leadership roles within top organizations in hockey, including national team programs and Stanley Cup-winning teams.

Andy O'Brien explaining a workout to a group of teenagers at Junxion Performance gym

Junxion Performance

Adding a resource of Andy’s calibre is part of Quartexx’s commitment to unparalleled services for its clients. Players can benefit directly from his advice and network, as well as have priority access to Junxion Performance, the agency’s performance centres in Montreal and Toronto. He oversees all training methodologies at Junxion, as well as the education and development of its staff.

Andy holds a bachelor’s degree in Physiology and Psychology, and a master’s degree in Kinesiology. Known for his unwavering passion, attention to detail and competency, he and his team have established the highest of standards for the Quartexx training experience.

Andy's role

Movement mastery

Andy is a believer in the importance of developing fundamental movement skills, as a basis for athleticism. All competitive sports involve repetitive movements, and an effective physical development model exposes athletes to global movement patterns that counterbalance that repetition. The acquisition of movement skills and progressions stimulates an athlete’s capacity for adaptability, a common denominator in all great athletes. Throughout an individuals career, the maintenance of these fundamentals is balanced with a mastery of specific movements critical for their sport. Whether what stage of an Athletes career they are in, the continual evaluation and fine tuning of their movement quality, both through the skilled eye of the coach, and using the latest in human performance technology, is a central aspect in optimizing one’s performance ceiling, while minimizing injury risk.